Contemporary communication

artnology assists you in the design, implementation and support of your Social Intranet

The classic intranet with its hierarchical structure and editorially created content is displaced in more businesses through online-based platforms that enable the direct and sustained communication between employees.

Through the rising popularity of of social networks, people are familiar with the use of interactive real-time communication. You as a company can benefit from this transformation: Social Intranet is not just another communication channel, but has an impact on your business processes and your corporate culture. Proper use of Social Intranet leads to improved knowledge transfer, increases the motivation and productivity of your employees and reduces your costs of innovation.

artnology supports companies within the entire process chain of creating successful Social Intranet applications from conception, over technology selection and software development up to operating and maintenance. Due to our many years of expertise in social intranet implementation, we do not only have the necessary knowledge of internal communication. We also have the opportunity to use proven custom solutions, which are based on data protection compliant and secure framework of different technologies (eg Java / Oracle ATG, PHP / Typo3).

In several projects artnology operates company-wide and successful Social Intranet platforms for different customers.