Multichannel, scalable and analytical

artnology assists you in the design, implementation and support of your e-commerce platform.

Today’s end user requirement to seamlessly switch between different e-commerce channels – from Web to Mobile, from desktop computers to the tablet – still remains a major challenge for many organizations. With over 15 years experience in developing e-commerce solutions, a deep industry and technology knowledge and special capabilities to optimize online sales, artnology enables companies to transform their multi-channel commerce and digital skills more or less reinventing their whole business.

The topic “multichannel” will remain. Consumers, employees and business partners will continue to use a variety of channels and devices to meet their needs – whether it is researching product information or conducting business transactions. With all these different channels come enormous opportunities – but also very difficult challenges.

Companies have to meet these challenges and develop new e-commerce skills. They need even further integrated and scalable technology and back-end processes. They must also have a larger cross-channel marketing expertise and greater flexibility in their organization and collaboration. In addition, they need to build analytical skills, the key in order to truly understand and respond to consumer behavior. What’s more essential, from today’s perspective, is a holistic, consolidated view of the customer experience across all channels.

For all these e-commerce aspects artnology significantly helped its customers. In the course of these customer projects either tailor made solutions or industry leading e-commerce frameworks and products have been employed (SAP hybris, Oracle ATG, Magento, etc.).