turning ideas into e-business

artnology’s expertise is designing and implementing innovative e-business applications.
Specific industry knowledge combined with excellence in technology and implementation position artnology as the service provider for creating and optimising complex e-business solutions.
A comprehensive scope of services offers our customers consistent and sustainable solutions from one source, from IT consulting and software development/system integration through to interface design, both time- and cost-efficient.


turning challenge into concept

Our customers’ ideas and demands paired with our technological expertise form a successful partnership that guarantees perfect solutions for an orchestrated interaction of brick-and-mortar and electronic business.

Truthful and open dealing with our clients allows for mutual understanding and forms the foundation for common goals and genuine customer satisfaction. This foundation helps us to design your next soft-work using inspiration as well as cool thinking.


turning concept into action

In our understanding IT and software development is not just hard facts and buzzwords such as flexible, scalable, robust, secure or reliable. We understand these qualities of a software as a minimum level, we have to measure genuine craftsmanship.

Moreover, our developers want to come up with elegant and intuitive solutions. They constantly strive for smart and easy to understand architectures, designs and code and impress our customers with outstanding products and solutions.


turning action into steadiness

Even the most robust and secure software product can only score successes and generate customer satisfaction if it is professionally operated.

Our customers appreciate artnology’s many years of experience in building innovative operation architectures that meet their demands. Together with our hosting partners, we operate finely tuned server farms even up to fully virtualized cloud environments.

A short list of our satisfied clients

Renowned customers trust the competence and experience that we have been able to gather in a diversity of market sectors in recent years.